Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dream come true

A few years ago the dream became to sell our house. The house we spent countless hours building. Through sweat, tears and years of building. We envisioned retiring in this house and watching the sunsets through our front windows forever. Our house has become a place for people to come and feel comfortable. There is always an open door and a pan of cake or something good to eat ready to share with anyone who walks up our front steps. Our joy is sharing what we have with our friends, family and anyone who needs a place to be. There have been days that we look at our beautiful yard with all the hundreds of trees we lovingly planted and all the cedars and pine trees that we transplanted from ditches out east and it is hard to think about leaving. But we know this is the plan. This idea, dream, thought was placed on our hearts for a reason and we trust it. We know that God has something for us to do. We are ready.
So when after many lookers passed through our home. A family came to see. From the first moment I saw them and talked to them I knew. These where the people, these were to be our new neighbors. Wow. After so long, how could it be that it seemed the perfect family had come. Oh ya, I forgot who was in control. Who we had left it up to. All this time we had to be patient and we were (most of the time). We and our neighbors across the road had been praying for 2 years for the exact family that would be perfect to move in and I trust they are. They are great! They happen to have a name from our family and also the family across the road. They have similar interests as we do and we already feel like this is their home. As we pack up the house and pack our stuff into boxes we think about where this move will bring us and how cool the ride has been. How close our family has become through this experience.

Monday, May 4, 2009


What’s in a dream? Why bother dreaming? These are questions that many ask themselves. Sometimes it seems that others are in places in life that we look at and think “cool”. I want to say that it is good to dream. It is your right to dream and dreams can come true.
When I was a young girl, I dreamt of a prince in shining armor ridding up and carrying me away. Probably a fairly normal dream given Cinderella and Snow white were the hits of those years. I sometimes thought I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough. But I dreamt it any ways. Dreams are good.
As I got older I dreamt of having a horse and winning medals. My mom and dad let me go to 4-H and learn to ride. They bought me a horse and I spent my summers ridding and showing.
When I became a teenager. I dreamt of meeting prince charming again. When I was 16 I did. You see, I never was told dreams don’t come true, but it was implied. But I never believed it.
Backing up a bit, my dream of meeting prince charming was even bigger than that. I dreamt of getting married, having children, being a hairdresser, but still staying home with my kids, having horses, living on a farm of having my big dream house. Wow, I dreamt specifically and big. But who cares after all they are just dreams. They are free and allowed, right?
It was only when I became older where people would mock “the dream”. They would say things like. Is he good enough, why do you want to cut hair? Why do you want to live on the farm? Why do you want horses, you don’t ride enough? You know, horses should be ridden more, you can’t look after such a big yard and have kids and work at home. Why do you go camping so much? It’s too much work………….Hmmmm. People don’t think dreams come true. Do they?
Well, I do. I will have my prince (20 years and counting), my children (9 and 13), my dream house (I love it), my horses (2). I will go camping and fishing and have a big yard. I will travel and take my children to places that are different. Why not?
When we bought our yard, people thought it was too big. That was 15 years ago. When we decided to build our dream house. People thought it was too big. When we decide to try to build it ourselves. People said “what?” When we decide to both be self-employed, people thought it wasn’t safe enough. When we decided to travel even though we had children, people thought we shouldn’t. When we decided to put it all up for sale people said we couldn’t.
Dreams are cool. I still think they are. I still believe they come true.
We have BIG dreams, because we can. The thing is if you never dream it, you may never achieve it. I’m not saying dreams aren’t sometimes had work. They can be, there are times when I am so tired of all the work. But sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone, climb up on that roof and learn to shingle. LOL