Tuesday, November 23, 2010


                                                                                Hi ART
                                           Here are some more house pictures to make your day better (;

                          The flooring will be installed this week.

                                Sun Valley cabinetry did an awesome job on our kitchen.

Doors doors and more doors. The last 2 days, I have painted doors. two times on each side. But now all 30 doors are painted and ready to install.

                                                                       main bathroom

                                                  Master bathroom

Thursday, November 18, 2010

paint and cupboards

Miranda's very bright room!!

                                          the kitchen cupboards have arrived.......

                                                         The first coat

                                                                      Our room

                                                             Colton's room

                     .....  and partially installed!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

getting closer

I don't have time to upload pictures but I will asap.Quick update though...

the kitchen cupboards have arrived and they are starting to put then in today.
The basement is all painted. Miranda's room is very bright.
Some stuff has been moved into the storage.
The light fixtures for 3/4 of the house are purchased. But we can't find something for the main floor living area.

We really need someone to come and straighten out the driveway and back dirt pile before it snows. Haven't had time to call anyone yet.Don't know who to call.

We ordered the hardwood??!!
The t-bar ceiling is being installed this week (by Walt).
The wall plugs and switches have almost be installed.(by Walt)

The main floor is almost finished being painted. We have my waxing room, living room and dining room left. 
We have all the flooring for the house except the hardwood.

How much does a house weigh? It must be a lot as we have hauled in so much stuff.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

outside and inside

                           I still really love the steps Dean built.

 The garage is drywalled and plywooded and ready to be taped.

                         The siding was 99% finished today. I love the colour.

                   The soffit, facia and eaves troughing are all completed.

                We are putting stucco and stone on the front of the house. They came and put the wire on today. Hopefully they will be able to put the scratch coat on before winter. The final coat will be done next spring.

  Dean picked up the fridge from Winnipeg yesterday while I was getting my gums cut apart. LOL

Front door


                                     we love the colour of our front door!
              thanks to Ang Loeppky we have the best colour ever!

dining room pictures for Tracy

Well, Tracy and the girls at work. Here are some pictures of our dining room. Tracy told me the other day that there were no pictures of that part of our house. So I promised I would take a few. There isn't really a whole lot of exciting things to see in that room yet other than the great view out the window.

Monday, November 8, 2010

the outhouse

These are the funniest horses. When I went out the other day I saw them on this hill playing.

                                                The hill is right beside the outhouse.

                                                              They are very inquisitive.

                            Whenever I go in there, They always stand outside and sniff around the door.

                                                            This time I was ready for them,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

sanding and painting and stairs oh my

 The basement walls are finished painted. The colour we chose for the main walls is called Kangaroo.

                                                    Dean's a stair builder! Who knew?

                                                             They look fabulous!
                                                 I am glad he had time to do it this afternoon.

The mud room and my Waxing room door.

 The veiw from the garage door. The drywall needs to be finished and will be done soon I think.

The steps are finished and now we can get visitors that are afraid of ladders.

 The sofit and facia is now done,

                    The front of the house is finally looking a little more finished. Other than the stucco, which will    have to wait till next spring. The siding is well on the way to be started.

Muding pro's came in and helped us finish the taping. They did a very good job. They even vacuumed the whole house when they were done.Very nice.

                                          The main floor is finished sanded. Tomorrow we will start priming.

Walt is starting on the t-bar ceiling in the basement.
The hot tub room is one coat of paint away from flooring. Which we have!! So very soon we will be soaking our sore muscles away. The colour on the walls is called ELK.