Thursday, November 4, 2010

sanding and painting and stairs oh my

 The basement walls are finished painted. The colour we chose for the main walls is called Kangaroo.

                                                    Dean's a stair builder! Who knew?

                                                             They look fabulous!
                                                 I am glad he had time to do it this afternoon.

The mud room and my Waxing room door.

 The veiw from the garage door. The drywall needs to be finished and will be done soon I think.

The steps are finished and now we can get visitors that are afraid of ladders.

 The sofit and facia is now done,

                    The front of the house is finally looking a little more finished. Other than the stucco, which will    have to wait till next spring. The siding is well on the way to be started.

Muding pro's came in and helped us finish the taping. They did a very good job. They even vacuumed the whole house when they were done.Very nice.

                                          The main floor is finished sanded. Tomorrow we will start priming.

Walt is starting on the t-bar ceiling in the basement.
The hot tub room is one coat of paint away from flooring. Which we have!! So very soon we will be soaking our sore muscles away. The colour on the walls is called ELK.

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Anonymous said...

It's really coming along!! Very exciting!!