Friday, January 28, 2011


After leaving the hospital on Thursday everyone in our group was very tired. It was a long couple of days and you could see it in the faces of the people who had just had surgery.

I haven't talked about our "group". We have been with a group of 4 other families that arrived the same day and also had the surgery the same day as dad. There is Heather from Calgary with her friends Vern and Dawn from B.C. Jocelyn with her husband Dennis from Ottawa. Gail and her husband Glen from Nova Scotia. Henry and Andrea not sure where they are from . We also met a new couple from Boisseveine today, Murray and his wife (?).

We think we have the best group here. Because of being the situation that it is, we have formed a special bond with these other people. We have been together from the first meeting with the hospital and have followed through with all the dr. appointments and physio and because we are all in the same hotel we get together during the day to compare how we are getting along. It has been a life saver to be able to talk to these other people.

Dean is well know as the guy to call if anyone needs to be lifted into a van or helped in any way really. These bunch of people are amazing.

One other thing that we didn't know we would have to do, is give dad his blood thinner injection twice a day. They discharged us all from the hospital on Thursday, handed us all a bag of needles and said we were to give them twice every day. As if this was the most normal thing in the world for us to do. We all kind of looked at them like, what??? They showed us once how to do it and off we went. So, now we give needles....

So back to getting "home" from the hospital. It was a very long afternoon. Dad felt very weak. He didn't feel or look nearly as good as immediatly following the surgery. It felt a bit discouraging as he felt so great at the hospital. He basically lay in bed all afternoon and we had a bit of a rough night. None of us really slept all night

But today, things feel much better. His energy is back, he didn't have a headace which is very nice to see. His balance came back throughout the day and things are feeling much better. Now to get through tonight. I think we have things set up so it will be easier for everyone.

I am still trying to upload pictures. Blogger doesn't seem to be working well right now. I will try again tomorrow.


Ann E said...

thinking of you,keeping you in my prayers

jsw said...

We went to see Tim Hus in the Sundre Arts Center last nite,he was awesome, he sang a song about a man from Manitoba,we had a drink for you Ray.His show was very humorous and all Canadian songs, most of them he wrote himself.The snow by the center was like a clean slate with not a track on it, so Penny,Hazel and I each made an angel in the snow, it was a fun nite.We have about 7 inche's of new snow and it is -20 this morning,talk to you later.

Joe and Sandra