Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The surgery if done! I ended up spending 2 nights in the Masterton hospital. The surgery went better than I expected. Before the surgery, the surgeon explained that because of the complexity of the break. They didn't know what they may have to do to repair the bones until they were in. The options were that they may have to open both sides of my wrist to get at all the peices, they knew they would have to put in multiple screws and possibly a couple of plates, there was also the possibility of plates along my arm with bolts coming out through my skin.
Thankfully, they only needed to put in 1 plate plus screws and nothing coming through the skin! Yeah!
The masterton hospital staff is amazing. I couldn't have had better care. It is a new building in a nice size town and I would highly recommend it as a top notch hospital.
I am now at a farm with a family that we love. They have supported us through this whole ordeal and taken us in like family. What started out as a place for Dean and Colton to do some hunting, has turned into so much more. It is such a great feeling to have people like Adrian and Wendy to help us as we tread through this experience. We have no idea how we could ever show them how much we appreciate all they have done for us.
Tomorrow we leave for northland. It will be the start of another experience. The next part of our trip will be at a YWAM school called oakridge. We will be there helping with some work projects around the school.

Thanks for all the prayers!

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