Saturday, March 19, 2016

Table mountain, South Africa

I didn't know what we were getting ourselves into, but I wanted to go anyways. Miranda didn't. She knew that another hike was not going to be fun. No matter how much I told her it would be great once we got to the top. 
Table mountain is much different than Lions head mountain. Table mountain is just a straight up hike. Steps all the way. Big rocks, little rocks, huge rocks. All made into steps. Ugg. Plus, for sone reason, we always start hikes at noon. We talk about it every time. Why do we always hike in the mid day heat?? 

Will this ever end? Lol 

More and more and more steps up 

Let's talk about how far we've come

deans turn to motivate 


What a view it was when you took the time to turn and look 

It was so hot. We finally found shade after 1 1/2 hrs 

This is really hard! 

The view from 1/2 way up

One very happy girl! 

Yes! We did it again! 2000 steps up! 

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