Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kids camp volunteering week

We have had a crazy busy, fun, tiring, wild week.
We have been volunteering at a kids camp all week through people we know from YWAM. It has been a blast! They have such an amazing program. It's all on a farm out in the bush. The kids are all bussed in from surrounding communities. There were 190 kids ages 6-12. Plus all the teen leaders and YWAM DTS students. 
The kids spend every morning building a bush hut. Each team builds a hut in the bush alongside a creek using whatever they could find. They used bamboo, branches, cedar trees and this natural rope tying stuff called flax.  

Then they build a fire and cooked their hot dog lunch. Each team had to start a fire and each kid cooked their own hot dog. The bush huts were pretty amazing! They all had fun trying to make their huts better and better. 

After lunch they all go in  teams and do different electives.. Miranda helped with horse back riding, 

Dean helped with a water slide into a pond, Colton was with the raft building group, I was helping with first aid. The other electives were sheep shearing, crafts, dam building, shooting and a bunch more that I can't think of right now. Today we had a big awards program and bbq at the end of it. They gave out awards for the best and most creative bush huts. Deans team won most creative. 


We are staying with a family (Grant and Glenda) we met through volunteering 3 years ago at the YWAM base. We love being here. It will b hard to leave this weekend. 


We all hung out with great people that we will never forget and hope to meet up again along the way. 

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