Wednesday, August 17, 2016

cooking class in Bali

One of our most favourite things to do while traveling is to take a cooking class. We had never done one in Bali, so we were really excited to do it!

We started the day at the local market. We learnt about the fruits, vegetables and meat that Bali has to offer and had a chance to taste and touch lots of different ingredients. 

Here are some really made offering baskets that the Hindu people buy early in the morning at the start of their day. Very colourful and beautiful.

All the ingredients that we used to prepare the feast

Everything was so fresh and bright

Our cooking partner mashing up peanuts for peanut sauce

chopping chopping  chopping

the peanut sauce is looking saucier

Everything is chopped and ready to start cooking 

using the mortar and pestle 

making soup

learning to wrap fish before steaming

steaming the fish

BBQing the chicken sate

the fish is ready!

Our completed meal!!
getting scolded.... Just kidding

Father daughter team!!

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