Thursday, August 26, 2010


After many delays, rain and wind, the rafters are finally on! This means we are just a little closer to getting started with the interior work that we will be doing ourselves. Other than the ground work and the concrete prep, we have hired the other work (roughing up) out. This means that we are on their schedule. It also means Dean has time to work at his real job(he has been busy since we got home) and also so that we had time to get the foundation (garage pad, basement floor, house footing) done ourselves during the time that the builders where building. So far it has worked out great. Other than lots of evenings spent at the house working and one really long (12 hour days) weekend. We have left the main building to the builders, which has meant we have had time to work our regular jobs during the week and camp on some weekends.
the back of the garage

the front of the garage

from the garage looking into the house

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Rita said...

Sounds like you're taking the same approach as we did for our basement. Some contracted, and the rest ourselves, trying to balance the load between expense and spending every waking moment at the project. It looks good!