Monday, August 30, 2010

picking up the supplies

Today I had to go to Morden so I stopped in at a house that Dean and Colton are working on. It just happened to be a similar style house to our new house. It was neat to see the colors the home owners had picked and we saw how some things we had decided we wanted to do would look in real.

This weekend we stopped in Winnipeg  to pick up electrical wire, plug boxes and satellite,computer,phone wire. All in all, we came home with a load of work that we will start doing this week.

As the carpenters get further along in their part it will make more work for us to do. Dean and I also planned on starting to frame the walls in the basement this week. But with all the rain, it may have to wait. We can also start placing the electrical plug boxes on the exterior walls, so we can start pulling wires as soon as the interior walls are framed.

When I was in Winkler today. I also stopped by Elias woodworking to pick out our kitchen cabinet door style for the cabinet builders and Janzen's for paint colors for the stucco.  We have picked the shingles so the next step is the house exterior colors.

With those chores done and the last bit of school shopping done we are in good shape. Now for the rain to stop so we can get to work!

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Sara said...

No more rain ... you have a house to build, live in and dream! Makes me smile to think of you and Dean wiring your own electric. You go girl!

happy day,