Wednesday, September 8, 2010

production week

We had a good week so far this week.
Last week we had a lot of rain. We went almost every day to squeegie water off the wood floor. It was really frustrating to see the water sitting on the wood making it swell. We really tried to keep positive and hope for the best.

This week the guys started on Monday, finishing up the rafters so that they could start placing the plywood on the roof. Dean got the tractor going and put the sheets on the roof for them so they wouldn't have to do it by hand.

After one day they had half the roof sheeted. I expect they will have it ready for shingles by the end of today.

While we have been waiting for the main floor to be ready for us. We decided to start framing the basement.
It raised our spirits to see something different getting finished.

After  a day of Dean, his dad and I putting up walls. We had a big chunk of the basement framed and the whole basement planned out for where the walls will be placed.

This week we have also decided to move into town. As much as we love living in Gretna, it is time to get back into our own space.

As I walked Miranda to the bus this morning. It felt very odd. I realized that it has been 5 months since they have been in school and we had that routine that the school day involves. It may take me a while to appreciate it. So far I would rather have them home. They are such a great help and so much fum to have around.

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