Saturday, September 18, 2010

windows and interior

All the windows and doors that we have received are installed. \It sure makes the house look way more finished. This is the rear of the house.
We had a lot of fill brought in from the pond hill. We had an excellent skid steer operator level the driveway out. We still need a tonne of fill yet to bring the front yard level up another foot or two. Then we can spread the dirt hill on top of it.

I love building with wood. I love the smell of freshly cut wood. I love the nailing and sawing and I love to see walls go up. Dean and I had lots of fun the last few weeks working together and seeing the house take shape as we stood up the walls. I was happy that we decided to do it ourselves as we changed things as we went along.
The many doors and windows on the back will give us so much light and the sunset every morning.

Dean and the kids spent the day building walls on the main floor. I was listening to a speaker (Beth Moore)in Winkler while they worked. Dean and I took and drive over when I got home so I could see what they all did and take a few pictures.
This is my waxing room!!!!

^ This is the kitchen walls.

                                                     ^This is the living room with the view to the East.

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