Sunday, September 26, 2010

ductwork and electrical

This week was another productive week. The plumbers came and started to install the ductwork and we got all the main floor walls framed and the electrical started.

We also spent some time with our awesome interior decorator this week and finalized our exterior colours. This is a huge thing  me. I feel much more content with those things picked so that it is one more thing we are done with. We also met with our kitchen cupboard builder to finalize the kitchen. We ended up redesigning some of the kitchen now that the walls are built we needed to change a few things. Now our kitchen is 2 feet bigger. Not at all what we really need, but it will work better for putting in the flooring. Very glad we thought of this when we could sill change things instead of trying to make things work with the flooring when it would be to late. 

I am so glad that we are doing the building. I don't know how it would work to have someone else make these decisions for us. Even though we had blueprints  made up, we have changed so many things while we are actually building.

Such a good week.
Dean even had time to go fishing on Saturday and goose hunting Sunday afternoon.

    This(down below) is the wall we had to add to make the kitchen bigger. Dean built a cool shelf in it.

                                           Notice the elecrical boxes in the wall studs!!

                                                       The plumbers were very busy

                                                           We will be warm this winter!!

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