Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5000 ft. is a lot!

This week has filled with pulling wire. Thousands and thousands of feet of wire.  Today I counted the empty rolls. We have used almost 5000 ft of wire. White wire, blue wire and yellow wire. We have used almost 3 cases of plug boxes and almost 1 of light boxes. We have installed 8 pot lights with 16 more to go. All in all, the wiring is almost complete!!We have also finished the satellite and computer wire hook-up.


 We usually get to the house between 8-8:30 and leave between 5-5:30.

 Soon it will be time to insulate, poly and drywall.

We have also picked up the garage doors and they are at the painters getting a nice paint job. We are waiting for the guys to come back and finish the soffit, fascia and siding.

I spent too mush time on hold an the phone today. Getting the MTS and Wiband set-up started.  It would be great to have a land line phone again.

The yard has been a mud hole. We have had to 4x4 in and out through the mud until today. Now I can almost make it to the front of the house with my van.

Dean's dad has been at the house every day. What an amazing blessing he has been. From climbing up in the attic to insulating windows. He is my hero. Saving me from doing all sorts of things I would rather not have to do and saving Dean all sorts of time. We love him.

We really need to take some time for a run to Wpg. for supplies. There are some things you just can't get in town. It just seems impossible to take the time to do it, other than after supper and then we are just too tired.

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