Thursday, September 16, 2010

One week

Its been one week in our 500 square foot, one bedroom apartment. The kids are sleeping in the bedroom and we are sleeping under the chandelier in the dining room. The kids go to sleep before we do so it works better that way. We share a washer/dryer with 3 other tenants and we try to walk softly on the laminate floors, so we don't disturb the tenant below us.

We each have one suitcase of clothes and not much else. The apartment size fridge freezer is not much bigger than a camper cooler, but it fits our needs as the store is only 3 minutes away. We have our love seat and living room chair and some borrowed end tables and a coffee table where we eat our meals on.

Most days while the kids are in school and in the evening when they are home, we spend working on the yard and house. We don't have a phone in our apartment so we rely on our cell phones (no chatting for me).

As I am writing this I am wondering if it may sound like I am complaining.....

I am not.
I feel so blessed to have a place to stay that has a kitchen, bedroom and even laundry in the building.
 I feel so blessed that we have so many people that have offered to have us live with them (so we wouldn't  have to be in this small space.)
I feel so blessed that we have furniture to sit on that is so familiar and comfortable.
 I feel so blessed that we have kids who have not complained once for this small space where we are living right now.
 I feel so blessed by the carpenters that are working on our house.
 I feel so blessed by the people who come and help us when we need strong bodies.
 I feel so blessed that we are able to build a home in the country I love.
I feel so blessed that we can live in a 500 square foot apartment and make it into a fun adventure.

lets see how I feel after week 2......


Sara said...

You made me smile friend! Sounds like you are a YWAMer and I know you are making it an adventure. You never saw all the places we lived ... seriously you made me smile and can hardly wait to celebrate with you when you move into your new house.

happy day,

Mary Blanch said...

Wow, Klippers, what an amazing job you have done. Now I'll have somewhere to stay when I come to Manitoba;)

The Klippensteins said...

Oh Mary, we would find a place for you to stay whenever you come. Which I hope is soon. We were just talking about staying with you the other day and how much we loved it.