Monday, December 13, 2010

Exactly 5 months to the day

We started digging the hole for the basement July 5th and we moved into the new house Dec. 5th. Now that we are "in" the work has not stopped, but now we don't spend as much time driving back and forth to town as much. Dean has also started his church job (building a church). So he isn't here as much during the day so we finish odds and ends when there is time.

Sun Valley cabinet guys came to install the cook top and last bits of stuff to finish off.

                    I am a bit tired of painting baseboards and casings. I think they are mostly done for now.

                                            I will start again once these ones are put on

                              All the boxes have been moved in and I have started to unpack.

                                                              Colton's finished room

                   The other day I looked out the window and there was our cat and a SKUNK!!

                                                               The finished kitchen

                                                                 The hot tub is working!!!

The rug is getting installed in the basement today and tomorrow

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Sarah said...

Get out ... a hot tub! You deserve it friend. LIve it up.