Wednesday, December 1, 2010

feeling a little bit like Christmas

We  have been busy getting the last minute touches done. The flooring is all done other than the hardwood. The unpacking has begun.

 John Wall is our friend of 18 years and our flooring guy. Him and his wife Marlene have done all of our flooring in this house and our last house. They always do a great job.

The unpacking and washing have begun. All of positions have been in storage in a garage for the last 1 1/2 years. The building wasn't mouse proof. We put out tonnes of mouse poison and hoped for the best. We did not have one box wrecked from mice. We found 2 dead mice and one box that had hamster food in it (???) was partially eaten. Why we would have put hamster food right next to all our other boxes is beyond me.

 Cindy and I spent all morning yesterday washing out the kitchen cupboards and washing the dishes and putting stuff away.
         Aww, empty boxes to get rid of. It is like Christmas unwrapping everything from the boxes. Every time I take out a newspaper wrapped parcel from the boxes it is a little surprise.

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Ann E said...

that is so exciting ,i'm happy for you