Saturday, November 17, 2012

A journey

As long as we are alive we will keep dreaming and as we keep dreaming we will continue to keep chasing those dreams.

We are on a journey, a journey of trying to live very intentionally. Trying to arrange our lives to reflect what we value the most. Deliberately living a life of purpose and passion.

We look at where we are and plan out where we want our life as a family to go. We are learning where our priorities lay and we are working very hard to establish what is most important for our family.

 This is hard work. But we want to look back at the memories that we have made and say it was all worth it! 

One of our goals is to teach Colton and Miranda how important dreams are. It is normal to dream and more importantly, it is important to know how to work hard to make those dreams come true. They know how to do hard things. We want them to not be afraid of hard work, dreams or the world. Through this hard work, they will achieve tremendous benefits of personal growth and character development.

Four years ago we started on a journey that began with a dream. This dream included hard choices. Choices that brought us to the place of selling our dream home, packing up our lives of 20 years and storing it all in an old shed on a country yard.  This became the start of a two-year journey that brought our family through 11 European countries, 5 SE Asian countries, New Zealand and Australia and 4 southern US states. We also spent 7 months house sitting for 3 different families and squeezed into a one-bedroom apartment for 3 months. All in an effort, to make our dream attainable.

 In all this time of travel we spent 24/7 together as family. In all this time of travel, I spent no more than 10-15 minutes without one of my family members by my side. Some might say this dream would not be for them. But it was a dream that none of us was ready to see stop. The problem with this particular dream was that for us, it came too quickly to an end.

So what to do when the dream you thought would be fulfilled after a certain time frame does not end?  

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