Monday, December 31, 2012

Making the Dream a REALITY

Three years ago we started dreaming a new dream. This week that dream has begun!
We have just booked a 4-month family sabbatical. We are leaving in Jan. 2013 to spend 4 months traveling/working/volunteering in New Zealand, Bali Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand. We have spent so much time dreaming, researching and planning and to finally book those flights seems a little surreal. It feels a little scary. O.K., a lot scary at times. There is so much to do. There are so many people to talk to, BeWaxed by Wendy clients, Can West Drywall clients, tenants, banks, teachers, family, friends, government (business and personal taxes), credit card companies, travel agents, health insurance companies, couch surfing hosts and the lists go on….

Some days I feel over whelmed with all there is to do. Some days I think, is this all worth it? Then I have to remind myself how we felt during our last trip. How we have become the family that we are because of the time we spend together and the things we have seen and learnt on these times together. As a family, we all desire this time of travel. But, it sometimes feels hard. It sometimes feels tiring, like the list are to long and the time to plan is to short. But yes, it is worth it! 

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