Thursday, February 28, 2013

a little accident

yesterday morning i went for a run down the path. the path goes through a bunch of cattle/sheep pastures. when i left there were a bunch of cattle standing right by the gate. so i thought i would just hop over the fence because i dont really like cows. that went fine and i went for a nice run. When i got back the cows were still there so i thought i would go over the fence again. As i was lifting my second leg over the fence, i touched an electric wire. i didnt know they were electric. it zapped me really good on the leg and so i jumped backwards and landed on my wrist. ya...not so good. i immediatly felt another electric current shoot through my wrist. I knew it was broken. 
At the hospital i had many xrays, a cat scan and a meeting with an orthopedic surgen. it looks like it is a really complicated break and they know already that it is not in the correct position, but have to wait for the swelling to go down vbefore they can opperate.
 my wrist is broken in 4 places. The one bone is broken in 3 places and was shoved up into my wrist and there is a chip off the other bone.  I will need surgery in 9 days once the swelling goes down and they will put some metal in to hold it together.
thankfully we are in nz for another 5 1/2 weeks which should give me time to heal before we leave for Balli

not the greatest news and i still cant really believe it has happened, but thankfully we are in nz and the care here is excellent.

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