Monday, February 18, 2013

Driving in NZ

All of the highways we have traveled on so far in NZ are quite narrow. They are two lane highways without a shoulder. On the South Island it is mostly mountainous with a bit of driving through valleys and foothills. We have driven through lots of rainforest and also past a lot of sheep farms. The part that is so interesting is along these major highways there are many many one lane bridges. So when you get to the bridge, there will be a sign that tells you who has the right of way. Sometimes highway bridges also share the road with trains. The train always has the right of way! 
Oh yes, we are also driving on the other side of the road and car than what we are used to! 
With all the beauty around us, we have to be very careful to remember to pay attention to driving and less on the view. So we take lots of turns with driving and lots of breaks to see the view. 
We also spend lots of money on gas! We complain about the price of fuel on Mb. It's around $2.20-$2.40/liter here!! 
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