Monday, February 25, 2013

south island north end

We had a great time on the south island. We drove so many amazing highways. Most through the mountains. Every turn just as beautiful as the next. We spent our last 3 nights in a small city call Blenheim. We couch surfed with a woman with 2 daughters still living at home. One was 15 and reminded us all of our neice Zoe. It was so amazing how she not only looked like Zoe but her actions were similar as well. It was a nice reminder of home.
We went on a nice senic drive through the mountains (of course) and we also went on an afternoon wine tour with our CS host driving us from winery to winery. It was very fun.
To see the pictures, you will have to take a look on facebook. I've tried to upload pictures again today to this site, but it jst won't work.
Here is a link!/OurFamilyTravels

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