Thursday, August 21, 2014

Port Hardy, BC (first morning)

Port hardy, BC
Day 1-
It's a cool  morning this morning. Dean and Colton woke at 6am to go out for the early morning fish. Miranda is still sleeping. I'm sitting outside on our cabin deck  overlooking the flat ocean, soaking up the northern island air. I keep looking out over the bay expecting to see the whales frolicking within my view. No luck so far. The view is breathtaking. It so quickly brought us back to our 2 months in NZ. The landscape of Vancouver island is so similar to parts of NZ. The towering trees growing close to the road as it twists and turns around towns and rolling mountains. Ahhh I love it! 

I went for a little walk this morning to get to the ocean. Whenever I first glimpse the ocean, I have the desire to touch it with my fingers.  It doesn't go away until my fingers splash in the water. I don't need to go in. I just need to touch it. To feel its energy or something. Not sure what that is. But it's there. 
Anyways, I didn't get there. There is a small forest between me and the water. I think there also might be a cliff. So my walk didn't last long. I didn't want to go too far on my own for fear that I might meet a grizzly bear on my path. I wonder how grizzly bears got on this island anyways. So I came back. Had a great walk uphill. Another thing I love and now I'm sitting here, overlooking the bay. Drinking coffee. Listening to the sea gulls in the distance. Waiting for whales. Hmmm

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