Sunday, March 8, 2015

Travel unexpected

Sometimes you think you're embarking on a perfectly planned trip and it doesn't end up as you'd expected. Either you can look at that experience as an adventure. Or you can think life sucks. 
This morning we woke up expecting to leave on our trip to Nicaragua. The flights were booked long ago and all we needed to do was make it to grand forks, ND. I remembered first thing to go online and do our web checkin. We had an hour and a half drive to the airport, so we had to quickly checkin and go. The first thing that came up was a note saying our flights had been cancelled. No explanation. Just cancelled. Not what you're expecting on your way out the door. I did a very brief freak out, and quickly got my wits about me and found the Delta airlines website and calked the 1-800 number. The message said it would be a 2 hour wait. Not good we found another number. Got through and explained to the lady what ws going on. She was very helpful, but explained tat there was a major storm in Atlanta, and all flights were cancelled. Not good. 
I asked her if there was any other way to get to Nicaragua and she spent the next 20 minutes working out a way for us to get to Minniapolis that day and to continue our travel plans the next day leaving from Miami Fl instead. I told her we would take whatever she could get arranged at his point and we would work on it further once we got to grand forks.
When we got to GF, they told us they couldn't help us, but we didn't lose hope. We got on our flights to Minniapolis and figured we would work on getting as close to Nic as we could tonight. 
As soon as we arrived in Minn. we went to the American Airlines desk and talked to a very nice rep who listened to our dilemma with Delta airlines and worked out a way for us to get to Miami that night and continue onto an earlier flight the next morning. It didn't solve the problem of our 6am flight out to the Corn Islands the next day. But at lest we would hopefully make it to the long as we could change our 6am flight to the afternoon flight. Problem was that we couldn't get ahold of the local airlines by email. They were not replying and time was running out. 
We tried to skype from the airport in Minniapolos. We did get though a bunch of times, but could not stay connected long enough to get our flight changed. The connection kept dropping. finally I decided to text my friend Cindy and see if she could call Nicaraugua for me and change our flights. Cindy called and did get through after a few tries, but unfortunately her card didn't work and she was calling from work so we needed to figure out another way. We searched the airport for a pay phone. When we found one that worked, we slid our credit card and made the call. We are still nervous about what that call will cost us. But we did get our flights changed and we felt great knowing that we did not loose our flight for that day and we would make it to little corn island as planned. 
Through all the stress of that day, we realized that travelling is as much about the Attitude you have as you make your way to your destination as it is about when you arrive. We had a great time figuring it out together. We had some great meals in the airport and had a good night in Miami.

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