Thursday, March 26, 2015

All around Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Little Corn Island is a small island that is a little tricky to get to, but well worth the trip. The whole island is easy to get around on by foot. As long as you don't mind hiking, you will easily be able to see the island in a few days. There are no roads. If you want to get somewhere, you walk or take a small boat. You can easily walk from side to side in 10 minutes and end to almost end in about an hour. 
We stayed in the little village where the boat taxi from Big corn island docks. We were there to dive, so we stayed at a dive shop hotel called Hotel Los Delfines and the Dolphin dive shop was attached. We loved that it was really easy to get up in the morning and walk over to the dive shop and run back to our room if we needed to. We would have also loved to have stayed in most of the other places we saw around the island that were a little out of town. 
The food on the island was fabulous. We loved to eat at a little place on the east side called Little Corn Beach and Bungalow. everything we had there was amazing. They serve a 4 course meal every evening. We also ate great food at Casa Iguana, Tranquilo, and the Habana Libre. Each place served fresh seafood and especially the fresh lobster we ate a few times was the best I've ever eaten. 


                                 Mmmm fresh fish tacos at Little corn beach and bungalow

                                                        The village on Little corn.

                                               One of the sidewalks through town.

We went to a baseball game while on Little Corn. Unlike many central american countries, Nicaragua is all about the baseball.

 We met a fun couple (the ones who also didn't get their luggage on the plane ride over) and this was their beach. We had fun hanging out with them and night diving with them.

There was an eco resort near our friends place. So we walked down for happy hour and the sky suddenly turned grey and we had a quick shower. Afterwards we saw this rainbow out in the ocean.

                                                       The best Pina colada ever!!

                              The eco resort Yemaya has a neat little beach bar .

We saw stacks and stacks of lobster traps. Lobster season was just coming to and end while we were there. We were so grateful we caught it. Having a fresh lobster meal for $12 is a pretty sweet deal.

There was a little reef for snorkelling. Dean, Allan and Dakota went out for a late evening snorkel to see if they could find some lobster. They didn't see lobster, but saw lots of other sea life. I stayed on shore with a rum and lime juice and a flashlight to guide them back to shore in the dark.

                            Dean found coconuts for us to drink from and eat along the beach.

It's one of our favourite beaches on Little corn island. Very few people around and warm water to swim in.

We spent hours and hours hiking around the island when we weren't diving. This is a path that we took from the village to the north end of the island.

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