Thursday, March 26, 2015

Laguna De Apoyo

Right outside of Granada is Laguna De Apoya. It is a fabulous crater lake that always has warm water 
We went with a crazy taxi driver up the mountain and we stopped at a little resort that allows people to use their facilities for $6/day. We went down the hill, dropped our bags and jumped into the warm clear water. Because it was a bit windy, the waves were big as if we were swimming in the ocean. It was a weird feeling to have water splash into our faces and not be salty. 

 The view from above showed how huge this lake is.

Laguna de Apoyo (Lake Apoyo) is Nicaragua's largest volcanic crater lake. It was formed 23,000 years ago after a huge volcanic explosion left a large crater which interrupted the underground water table. Today, the lake is 180 meters deep and four kilometers in diameter. Its clear water is always warm, never below 28 degrees Celsius (great for swimming!).

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