Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

We decided that we needed to go for a drive and check out the famous cliffs of Moher. The drive there was crazy! Narrow winding roads with stone walls built right up next to the road. There was maybe 1 foot from the edge of the road to the wall. I was riding in the passenger seat. So the stone wall was whizzing past me about 2 feet away, I mostly leaned  in towards the centre of the car for the 6 hour drive. Dean did a really good job of not killing us. I did a really good job of giving little gasps and squeeks as needed to make sure Dean knew I was scared :)

We occasionally stopped to take in the amazing views. 

When we arrived at the cliffs, there was a big sign saying the cliffs were closed due to dangerous winds. Well this girl did not drive 3 hours with a death grip and not get to see those cliffs. So we parked in the almost empty lot and climbed the hill to get this most amazing view. It is spectacular. Very worth the drive. But was it windy! Wow! Honestly enough to blow you over!

It was actually a little scary. But we were not really in any danger as the wind was blowing inland. But at times it was really hard to walk. 

It was also wet. It rained all day. We had a small window when we arrived at the cliffs where the rain let up a bit. But the mist off the ocean was like rain. It was about +6. 

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