Sunday, February 21, 2016

Safari in Tanzania

There are about 600 safari companies in Arusha, Tanzania. Some of those companies have 400 land cruisers. That's a lot of companies to choose from and a lot of tourists going out every year. We had a hard time choosing which company to pick. We knew it would have to be a budget trip because there is no way we could fit anything but budget into our life. Thankfully we met a family from Altona that just went last summer and they shared the company they used and since they travel in a similar way that we do (cheaply), we thought we'd give this company a try. We had a great experience also. The trip was a budget camping safari. Which means that they take you out into the national parks with a guide and a cook, tents and supplies. You basically do the same tour and go to the same places that the fancy shmancy tour companies offer, but instead of staying in lodges or hard walled tents, you sleep in tents and have sleeping bags and sometimes cold showers and eat with plastic cups and plates instead of wine glasses and China. No problem for us, we are pros at budgeted really, it was fine. It was more than fine, it was great. Many of the people paying 4x more than us, ate at the same picnic areas that we did. I did glacĂ© at their bottle of white wine on the last night with longing for a second, but I got over it and drank my warm water and laughed together with Dean, Colton and Miranda about the rain that we had the night before that drowned out the sounds of the hyenas in the campground. 

It is absolutely worth it. It was really a dream come true to go out to see African wildlife. I loved every moment! Here are some of the pictures of our last 3 days.
Our cook Yusa somehow made these remarkable meals for us every day. This campground was rustic. It had running water (not drinking water though) and no electricity. But he poked up a storm and even made a homemade birthday cake for me on my birthday! 
Shish k bobs one night

Happy birthday to me! 
Spaghetti and meat sauce, salad, fresh fruit and birthday cake! Yum! 

Shish k bobs, potatoes, quiche, avacado and cucumber salad

Most mornings we were awake at 5:30 and either at breakfast by 6 or on the road at 6. Sometimes when we got the chance to have a little nap in between, we took it! 

But most of the time we were looking out the window ready to spot a new type of animal

Miranda is keeping a journal of all the things we are seeing

We are having so much fun

Packing up the landrover to go to the next campsite 

This is the rustic campsite we stayed at 2 nights. It rained both nights.

Just the seringetti and a tent 

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