Thursday, October 21, 2010

The drywall is DONE!!

First of all I need to welcome Uncle Jack and Auntie Helen to our world!! Love you guys!

 We are done all the darywall in the house. Every corner is white. This is a new ting in my life. We had never finished all the rooms in our other house and here they are done already!
                    Our living room on the main floor.Dean built us this very amazing entertainment center.

 This is looking into the kitchen area from the living room. The front door has not arrived as of yet.

                                           The view from the dining room into the kitchen.
                                           This room is getting closer and closer to completion.
                                                                 Just add mud, paint and water.
                                   We also had time yesterday to blow in the insulation in the attic.

                             Walt and I had the fun job of stuffing fluffy white insulation into the blower.

                         It doesn't look like it should be a hard job, but my elbows are still sore after 50 bags.

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