Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Plumbing, electrical and framing done!!

The plumbers finished all the duct work and plumbing rough in today. They did all this work while we did the electrical. It is now ready for inspection !

 After returning all of the first batch of very thin insulation. We can now start getting the house ready to drywall.

 The garage ended up being a bit high. The rafter company had an issue with designing the rafters where they connect to the house. So what we ended up with is this very funky vaulted garage ceiling. Looks a bit fancy for our country home, but will end up being nice for winter basketball games.

 So many little spots need insulation.

                                          The wiring all needs to get tied into the panel.
           This is what a house full of wiring looks like before its neatly put into the breaker box.

 Walt is getting the insulation done so we can start drywalling as soon as it gets inspected.

                                      The  favorite room in our house (as far as some friends think).

Mom brought us lunch today!!!! Pizza, greek salad and cheese cake. The best lunch we've had in a long time.

                                        Getting the insulation finished in the livingroom.

6500 feet of wire, 25 potlights and tones of plugs and such. But we are DONE!! Now for the hard part. This week will will start on the drywall.....

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