Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A smaller garage

 Dean and his dad worked on getting the ceiling in the garage finished enough so that we can get the mud room started. Which means we will soon not have to climb a ladder in order to get into the house.
The stairs will come down in the front where the ladder is standing.

The room in behind the mud room is Dean's camping/hunting/fishing and all around guy room.

With both of these rooms framed it takes out a big chunk of the garage. Less room for basketball.

So what happens when you leave things for too long?

                                                       You end up doing it in the rain....

The guys doing the exterior of the house had to finish up some of their work today.....in the pouring rain.
                                                                     Oh well..

                                                                Looks a bit cold...

We also have a big chunk of the taping done. The basement is half done and the main floor is started.

Painting party this weekend??

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